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    当浮顶位于最低操作位置时,全部排水系统的管径的最小尺寸应能防止浮顶积水深度不大于设计积水深度(根据现场的情况,当达到最大降雨量时,浮顶上的积水深度)。同时国际上相关行业标准(API650 附录C)规定对于浮顶直径小于或等于36米,其排水管应不小于75毫米(3 英寸);对于浮顶直径大于36米,其排水管应不小于100毫米(4英寸)。

    Since the floating top of the outer floating top tank is directly exposed to the atmosphere, the function of the central drainage system is to set up timely discharge of rainwater collected on the floating top. The upper end of the drainage system is connected to a single or several central collection puddles located on the floating roof, and the lower end is connected to the drainage pipe leading to the outside of the tank.
    For single and shallow flotation, check valves should be installed near the end of the flotation hose or folding tube to prevent backflow of materials stored in case of leakage.
    With the introduction of the entire flexible central drainage system from abroad, it has gradually replaced some old-fashioned drainage hoses that are easy to leak, multi-connector, and large torque that do not meet the API 650 standard. Since the establishment of the State Reserve in 2004, 80 % of the commercial banks have used a fully flexible central drainage system with no accidents. Goodyear's central fully flexible drainage system is also widely recognized by the industry.
    When the flotation top is in the lowest operating position, the minimum size of the pipe diameter of the entire drainage system should prevent the depth of the flotation water from being no greater than the depth of the design water(according to the situation at the scene, when the maximum rainfall is reached, the depth of water on the flotation top). At the same time, relevant international industry standards(API 650 Appendix C) stipulate that for floating top diameters less than or equal to 36 meters, their drainage pipes should not be less than 75 mm(3 inches); For flotation with a diameter greater than 36 meters, the drain pipe shall not be less than 100 mm(4 inches).
    The mainstream design of the central drainage system is 4 inches, 6 inches and 8 inches.

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